BRC-ARB || User Manual

For an unparalleled XSaiyan journey, we highly recommend installing the following 3 extensions before using XSaiyan Bridge:

1๏ธโƒฃ XSaiyan Extension

2๏ธโƒฃ Unisat Wallet

3๏ธโƒฃ Metamask

Now, let's navigate through the whole process of utilizing XSaiyan Bridge to transfer tokens from BRC to ARB.

Step 1: Mint $SAIX on BRC-20

Step 2: Deposit ETH to Your Metamask Wallet

  • A nominal fee comes with the use of XSaiyan Bridge. It is advised to deposit a sufficient amount of ETH (Arbitrum) into your wallet for seamless operations.

Step 3: Connect Wallets

  • In the XSaiyan Bridge interface, connect your Unisat with BRC-20 $SAIX as your source wallet and Metamask(*) as the destination wallet.

(*) For optimal safety and flexibility, Metamask is temporarily the preferred destination for your ARB assets. Here, you can either HODL your $SAIX tokens on Metamask or transfer them to the in-game wallet to kickstart your XSaiyan journey.

Step 4: Transfer $SAIX from BRC to ARB using Bridge

  • Input the desired amount, double-check your wallets and click 'Transfer'.

Allow a brief moment for the system to process your request. In case of ARB network congestion, hit the 'Claim' button on the right for manual completion.

Step 5: Transfer $SAIX From Metamask to In-game Wallet

  • Within your in-game wallet interface, click 'Deposit'.

  • Select 'SAIX' tokens and copy your in-game address.

  • Back to your Metamask wallet, select SAIX tokens and send them to your in-game wallet using the usual operations.

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